Captain D’s Coupons

Home of the 4.99 Full Meal Deals! Try the new Cajun Fish Tenders.  Get the latest Captain D’s coupons and deals! Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant has always been your go-to destination for affordable seafood. Captain D’s believe in serving great food at an even better price, and Captain D’s has fun doing it. Now, you can enjoy the bold flavor of the new 4-Piece Cajun Fish Tenders Meal, or try the original. 4-Piece Original Fish Tenders Meal. And there’s more great news: The Sampler is back!— famous meal with 1 Piece of classic Batter-Dipped Fish, 2 Chicken Tenders and 3 Butterfly Shrimp. Enjoy the seafood you crave at a price you’ll love. It’s gotta be D’s!

Captain D’s also featuring three Seafood Specials with flavors you’ll love
Enjoy the shrimp you love with our 15 PC Butterfly Shrimp Meal served with your choice of two regular sides and hushpuppies.
Dig into our 4 PC Fish Tenders and 4 PC Shrimp Meal with four butterfly shrimp and four delicious original Fish Tenders, served with our craveable D’s Dippin’ Sauce and your choice of two regular sides and hushpuppies.
Or savor our new Grilled White Fish Meal featuring a filet of our tender, flaky fire-grilled White Fish over a bed of rice and served with your choice of two regular sides and a breadstick. When you love seafood this much, It’s gotta be D’s!

Seafood Expertise That Sets Captain D´s Apart
Seafood is our passion, and in the process of pursuing the best ingredients and creating our delicious recipes, we’ve developed seafood expertise that makes us unique. We start with high quality fish fillets and we hand dip them in freshly prepared batter. Then we cook our fish fillets to crisp, tender perfection and serve them in a warm, inviting atmosphere where you and your family can feel at home. We believe our seafood expertise sets us apart from other fish restaurants.

Captain D’s Hospitality
Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant was founded in Nashville, Tennessee, and even though we’ve since branched out to over 500 locations throughout the United States, we’re still rooted in our tradition of good, old-fashioned southern hospitality. At Captain D’s, we strive to create a place that feels like home — from the friendly smiles on our crew members’ faces to the welcoming atmosphere we’ve created with our new store design, we want our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable at each of our restaurants. Just as we work hard to guarantee the quality of our fish, seafood, and side dishes, our crew members ensure that Captain D’s is a warm, inviting place that you’ll enjoy visiting again and again.

Captain D’s History – 40 Years of Seafood and Counting
Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant first opened its doors back on August 15, 1969. A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to serving freshly prepared seafood at a great value has been our core mission from the beginning. Known originally as Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers, Captain D’s was opened in Donelson, Tennessee. From the very start, we set out to provide quality seafood at reasonable prices—a concept that was revolutionary at the time.

Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers was a hit, and by 1973 we had opened 15 locations. The next year, we changed the company’s name to Captain D’s Seafood to focus more exclusively on the classic fish and chips, shrimp, and side dishes that Captain D’s is known for today.

Throughout the 1970s, the company grew quickly, adding special programs like the Kids’ Birthday Club and children’s comic books.

Then, during the 1980s and 1990s, the company’s logo and building design evolved. In 2012, Captain D’s rolled out a new 21st century restaurant image designed to enhance the Captain D’s experience for our guests. We’ve worked to create a coastal ambiance and welcoming atmosphere that transports you to your favorite beachside destination as soon as you walk through our doors.
Through these changes, Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant has never wavered from its core commitment—great food, great prices, and even better service. We’re proud of our heritage, the years we’ve invested in perfecting our seafood menu, and the hospitality we offer every guest at each of our over 500 restaurants—and we’re confident you’ll enjoy your Captain D’s experience.